December 29, 2009

I’ve been falling hard for this girl for a while now. I write down my thoughts to keep myself sane. I then started writing them in poems. I decided to post some of them. This was the first one that I ever wrote. It’s called 2am because of the time I wrote it. Please leave comments. Thanks


It’s 2am on a Sunday night.
I’m awake thinking of you.
Of all the things we’ve been through.
And all the memories we share.
I’m tired of all theese lonely nights.

How is it that everything reminds me of you?
Of all the things we didn’t do.
All the things I couldn’t say.
God dammit! I love you but theese feelings I have.
The place where we are.
Is much better than the place of rejection that I fear
Oh how I wish I could escilate this.
To a place of love and passion.

I know that I am still young, but of any girl on this earth.
It’s you.
Your the one.
Your the one I can’t stop thinking of.
Your the one who holds this power over me.
The worst part of this.
Of all theese feelings and dreams.
Is that you are completely and totally unaware of it.

Theese are the things that I obsess over at 2am.
I can’t sleep…(quiet exit)


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December 29, 2009

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